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VISIA® Skin Analysis

VISIA® is an advanced imaging system which provides a thorough, in-depth digital skin analysis for our patients.

Focusing on eight key facial areas, VISIA® precise imaging delivers accurate visual data that enables the targeting of problematic areas where your skin could improve, as well as identifying those areas where your skin condition is optimal. It is particularly useful for those who are concerned with skin aging and other problematic features such as uneven skin texture, sun damage or discoloration, among others. The VISIA® analysis system acts as a comprehensive indicator for our highly trained aestheticians to recommend a customized rejuvenation program for your specific skin care needs. They will also recommend specific products to help protect and replenish the skin for long-term care .

The system uses advanced imaging technology to easily capture and automatically analyze left, right and frontal facial views, thus greatly simplifying the recording process. Our improved software quickly captures consistent facial images with instant skin analysis, identifies specific skin conditions, and indicates potential areas of improvement, giving you the opportunity for preventative treatment.

Following the VISIA® skin analysis, you will receive a customized, detailed report on the state of your skin, including recommended treatments and ongoing skin care. In this way, you will be able to assess your skin’s health, and our experienced staff will have a valuable tool to aid them in recommending a facial rejuvenation program specifically designed for you.


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